The Obligatory First Post

21 Oct

Nobody ever reads first posts. So why the hell would I crush my brain trying to figure out what to write in a first post. Which ain’t really a first post, since I’ve been around these roads for a couple of years now, but you guys/gals don’t care about that either. I’m sorry, if you do, I appreciate it but I’m really not interested in explaining what I used to write before. Nope, not giving you any links.

I’m not a poet. I’m not a novelist, nor a lyricist. I like typing, though. I like the sound of it. I’m typing this words and I enjoy the sound they make when I press my fingers upon the keyboard to create them. It all feels mechanic, and yet very organic. Sometimes I write more. Sometime I write less. But I write nonetheless. Sometimes I will have lots of things to say (write). Sometimes I may be absent for a week. Or weeks.

This site will not follow patterns. This site does not beg to be read. This site won’t promise you anything. You’re not going to be smarter after you read this post, or any post for that matter. You may feel dumber, if anything. I do.

Truth is, I don’t pretend to get to any goals. I’m not aiming for the bullseye. I just know that I really wanted to give another shot at this. This time, in a more personal, less professional way.

Aren’t dreams the gunpowder of life?

So, yeah… A pleasure to be back. I’ll catch you later.

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